Product flyer FLEXICON Hygienic Range

FLEXICON Hygienic Range

Flexible cable protection solutions for the food industry

The machines and systems used by food and beverage manufacturers and in the pharmaceutical industry are becoming increasingly complex, but it remains necessary to ensure that the power and data cables of these systems are well protected. Damaged cables can result in downtime, quality problems and possibly even product recalls.

FLEXICON's new LPC conduit system offers a smooth and easy-to-clean surface, which makes it ideal for use in the food and beverage industry. The smooth inner surface makes insert cables and hence also assembly easier. Bundling cables in a protective conduit system minimises the number of surfaces to be cleaned and terminations, hence reducing the risk of bacterial adhesion and lowering the material and installation costs.

Product flyer FLEXICON Ultra


Flexible heavy duty conduit solution for performance and safety critical systems

Most high-performance conduit fitting comprise a number of separate parts that increase the effort involved in their installation. In addition, the materials are often subjected to enormous mechanical stresses and hazards. Low protection ratings and poor structural strength are key factors that often lead to inferior cable protection.

The new FLEXICON Ultra is the ideal solution for protecting mechanically sophisticated cabling and sensitive installations – especially for harsh environments and the most technically demanding applications.